A Must While on Ilha Grande!… a hike to Lopez Mendez

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Hike toLopez Mendez from Brazil Green Map on Vimeo.

Lopez Mendez is undoubtedly one of the MOST beautiful beaches in the world. It is a very wide beach with white sand and usually fairly deserted. It is well worth a longer hike or a boat ride plus a short hike. And… you must stop by the restaurant in the bay on the way back for some delicious seafood and beverages. A perfect day!


  • Lopez Mendez beach was beautiful, there was practically no one there with the water clear as the sky.The hike to the beach was fun too, it was really nice to see the “jungle” part of Brazil! Between the 2 paths, I recommend the shorter steeper one when hiking to the beach.

  • The hike to Lopes Mendes with O Verde Eco Tour guide Gigi was fantastic! Walking through the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest was not only a beautiful experience, but educational as well, as Gigi educated us on the fruit and vegetation we encountered along the way. Nothing was as exciting as when we arrived onto one of the most beautiful beaches of the world! Its pristine white sand and jaw dropping scenic background looked like an image from a postcard.

    On the way back, we stopped at the floating restaurant for some well deserved beverages and snacks! Such a unique experience on such a beautiful island.

  • We went took a hike to Lopes Mendes with O Verde Eco Tours. The hike along the way was about an hour and along the way we were educated on the different kind of fruits that we saw on the trail and the different trees and flowers. We also got to taste fresh Brazilian water, which was nice and refreshing! Then when we got to the actual beach it was absolutely amazing! The scenery, the sand, the ocean, everything was so beautiful it was breathe taking!

  • The most beautiful beach I have ever been to, hands down! The hike to the beach was very nice to. You get to walk through the rain forest and once you arrive on the beach, the view is gorgeous. You must go to this beach! Also, when you leave the beach, there is a water bar, on the water, that makes great drinks and tasty food!

  • Lopez Mendez with O Verde Eco Tours was an amazing experience. The Beach itself was the nicest and cleanest beech I have been too. Before we reached our location we hiked through the Rain Forest. It was not just a beautiful route, but an educational one as well. The hike took about an hour which wasn’t bad at all. Once we got the the beach I was stunned by how nice it was.

  • While on this trip to Brazil we took this amazing hike up to Lopes Mendez which was such an amazing experience to get there. O Verde provided us with such amazing information and history along the way. We had the opportunity to really get close with nature when we ate Jack fruit straight from the tree and drank from natural spring water, two of my most favorite moments. The beach and the water itself is also to be admired with a beautiful backdrop of greenery to relax to. It was an opportunity of a lifetime!

  • This tour and hike experience was great. We hike for about an hour and obtained loads of information. The scenery was amazing. Filled with different fruits and plants, this truly makes this a unique trip. The Beach was stunning. The sand and the ocean was very clean. It’s one of those things that you need to be there to believe experiences. I would love to go back to Lopez Mendes in the near future.

  • The hike was almost as great as the beach. During the trek, we were able to see a variety of fresh fruits and animals all throughout the trail. I can see why Brazil is known as the lungs of the world. The scene at Lopez Mendez is just breath taking and such a great beach that is not full of other tourists if you are looking to get away to a more secluded area. Definitely worth the trip!

  • What an amazing experience! The hike was beautiful. Along the way we got to try fresh Jackfruit and to smell fresh eucalyptus. When we arrived at the beach the view was breathtaking. The mountains that surround the beach, the warm water, and the white sand made me feel like feel like I was in paradise.

  • Lopez Mendes is a must see in Ilha Grande. The beach’s sand is bright white and do to the lack of people there is still wildlife that is fun to see. Even better than the beach is the trail that leads to it. To get to the beach we hiked across the island. The hike was beautiful with so many different species of plants to see and even a fresh spring where we stopped for a drink.

  • Lopez Mendez is a must! You have not experienced a real beach unless you have been there. The hike is also recommended because the views are amazing and you can hear the waves as you get closer. When you finally reach the sand it is like discovering a new paradise.

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