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A Must While on Ilha Grande!… a hike to Lopez Mendez

Apr 10, 2012   //   by Dr.Green   //   Culture, Locations, Uncategorized  //  11 Comments

Hike toLopez Mendez from Brazil Green Map on Vimeo.

Lopez Mendez is undoubtedly one of the MOST beautiful beaches in the world. It is a very wide beach with white sand and usually fairly deserted. It is well worth a longer hike or a boat ride plus a short hike. And… you must stop by the restaurant in the bay on the way back for some delicious seafood and beverages. A perfect day!

Sustainability in Ilha Grande

Apr 7, 2012   //   by Dr.Green   //   Recent News  //  2 Comments

Interview with Sustainable Pousada Owner from Brazil Green Map on Vimeo.

Sustainability in Ilha Grande
In March 2012, Pace University students traveled from New York City to Ilha Grande, Brazil to learn about sustainability in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. After meeting with Nelson Palma, editor and publisher of O Eco Journal, and learning about the history of the island, they set out to meet local entrepreneurs. In this video, one of the island’s pousada owners explains the steps she takes to make Pousada Aratinga sustainable.

For the latest news from Ilha Grande

Nov 22, 2011   //   by jessvanness09   //   Culture, Recent News  //  No Comments

Make sure to check the most recent issue of O Eco Journal before your next trip to Ilha Grande. The Journal is written and published by Nelson Palma for the benefit of residents and tourists alike!

Planning for March 2012 travel to Ilha Grande

Nov 22, 2011   //   by jessvanness09   //   Culture, Recent News  //  No Comments

We are busy making plans for our visit to Ilha Grande in March. Our group will leave New York City on March 9 arriving in Rio on the 10th. At that point, we will travel to the coast to board our boat to Ilha Grande. Once we arrive, we will meet with Gigi Corau who will be planning our green team building projects on the island. Ilha Grande has been a favorite location for Pace students over the last 5 years. Its natural beauty, beaches and hiking trails make it a paradise!


Sep 27, 2011   //   by jessvanness09   //   Recent News  //  No Comments

podcast coming soon!

Green Map Smart Phone App

Sep 27, 2011   //   by jessvanness09   //   Recent News  //  No Comments

The interactive and participatory Open Green Map of Paraty is now available on-th-go. Today, there hundreds of sites on to explore from your desktop or with your smart phone thanks to the release of an Open Green Map smart phone app.

To get the map- visit the app store on your phone or click here.

Happy Mapping!

Open Green Map

Sep 27, 2011   //   by jessvanness09   //   Recent News  //  No Comments

We are happy to announce that we are moving our map on to the new Open Green Map. We are working to move all of the 60 sites from Paraty Green Map to Open Green Map, so you may see a reduced number of sites for the next few months.

The Open Green Map (OGM) offers several advantages, primarily the interaction with the icons, searchability on the map, and integration with the entire Green Map Organization. Congratulations to the Green Map team for realizing the OGM in 2009!!! We hope you enjoy the Paraty Open Green Map.

Please send us an email if you run into any problems.

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O Verde Eco & Adventure Tours
The featured business is O Verde Eco & Adventure Tours. Owner Gigi Courau is from Argentina, but has made her Ilha Grande her home. She supports sustainabiity of Ilha Grande by offering responsible tours by land and by water. Check her website to see the many types of tours she offers for individuals as well as groups.

"My passion is underwater photography. I'm happy with a mask, snorkel, and my" fish "(sub camera). I can stay all day taking pictures of each fish as well as all the floating in the sea, including :-) you! If not diving, you can catch me on a trip, or sailing, or participating in any event eco-cultural ... I like to show my friends who would like to try other places when I travel. .. "