Ilha Grande is a pristine island off of the coast of Brazil between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It was formerly a place where pirates would hide and lie in wait for Portuguese vessels returning to Portugal with gold extracted from the mountains of Brazil. Then, it became a prison colony for political prisoners.  In 1995, Ilha Grande was open for tourism. Since that time, there has been rapid growth. It is one of the few islands of the world where motorized vehicles are not allowed.

Featured Business of the Month

O Verde Eco & Adventure Tours
The featured business is O Verde Eco & Adventure Tours. Owner Gigi Courau is from Argentina, but has made her Ilha Grande her home. She supports sustainabiity of Ilha Grande by offering responsible tours by land and by water. Check her website to see the many types of tours she offers for individuals as well as groups.

"My passion is underwater photography. I'm happy with a mask, snorkel, and my" fish "(sub camera). I can stay all day taking pictures of each fish as well as all the floating in the sea, including :-) you! If not diving, you can catch me on a trip, or sailing, or participating in any event eco-cultural ... I like to show my friends who would like to try other places when I travel. .. "